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The Chamber had been trying for months to take over the Alphabet House map. The map has been a part of the community for at least 15 years, and anyone that knew Karen Spring, who passed away a few years ago, knows that she would have never allowed the Chamber to take over her business. Her daughter has been running the business for years and after discussions with the Chamber decided to just close her business down.

Cinco & DOD turn Street Market

The Old Town Chamber has taken control of two of the largest Events held in Old Town, Cinco de Mayo and Day of the Dead. Both Events were run successfully by Old Town Town businesses, however the Chamber seized the opportunity to make money and took control of them. Now they are more of a Street Market with $20 paid parking. Not great for those who have enjoyed the free weekend of celebration in Old Town with Lucha Libra matches, equestrian demonstrations and amazing ambiance with live entertainment.   

Old Town Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce also does a lot of good in the community. You can find out more by attending the monthly meeting, get information by visiting their site. Meetings are open to the public you can find dates and times on line. https://www.oldtownsandiego.org/documents

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